GN 值: 自動切換36 於 42 mm, 20 於 12 mm (使用ISO100)

閃 燈 角 度: 自動切換 12mm (相當於傳統35mm相機 24 mm ):上∼下 62 °, 左∼
右 78 °(涵蓋 12 mm鏡頭)/於 42 mm (相當於傳統35mm相機85 mm ):
上∼下21 °, 左∼右28 ° (涵蓋42 mm 鏡)達8 mm (相當於傳統35mm
相機 16 mm ) 搭配擴散片 (內含) 閃光燈模式: TTL Auto, Auto, 手
動, FP TTL Auto, FP 手動

跳燈角度上: 0∼90 °, 下: 7.5 °, 左:0∼90 °, 右: 0∼180 °

電 源: AA (LR6) 鹼性電池 x 2 / AA (FP6) 鋰電池 x 2 / AA (ZR6) 鎳氫電池 x 2
/ 3V 鋰電池組 (LB-01) (CR-V3) x 1/AA Oxyride 電池 x 2/AA 鎳氫電池x 2

尺 寸: 109mm H x 65mm W x 95mm D

重 量: 270g (不含電池)




及 Olympus、LEICA 徠卡 等支援閃燈的相機


Power requirements DC 3.0 V
Batteries recommended for use AA alkaline dry batteries (LR6) x 2 /
AA rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries (Ni-MH) x 2
Charging time (from full flash until the [TEST/CHARGE] button lights) Approx. 8 sec: AA alkaline dry batteries
Approx. 7.5 sec: AA rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries
Firing period Approx. 1/20,000 to 1/500 sec
(varies depending on the flash intensity; FP firing excluded)
Number of flashes (with full flash) Approx. 120 flashes: AA alkaline dry batteries
Approx. 200 flashes: AA rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries (2,700 mAh type)
(differs depending on the photo taking conditions)
Bounce angle Upward: 0 to 90 degrees
Downward: 0 to 7 degrees
Toward the right: 0 to 90 degrees
Toward the left: 0 to 180 degrees
Power-saving mode Coupled to power-saving mode of a digital camera having communication capability
AF assist lamp Only for combinations with phase-difference AF system digital camera having communication capability. Approximate distance enabling automatic lighting at low-brightness levels: 1 to 5 m. (differs depending on the digital camera and type of lens used)
* Not available when used with LUMIX G series as they adopt contrast AF system.
Guide number Automatically selected
36: At 42 mm setting (85 mm equivalent to a 35 mm camera)
20: At 12 mm setting (24 mm equivalent to a 35 mm camera)
8/10 selected: When the wide panel is used
Lighting angle Automatically selected
At 12 mm setting: 61 degrees up/down, 78 degrees left/right
(view angle of 12 mm lens covered)*
At 42 mm setting: 21 degrees up/down, 28 degrees left/right
(view angle of 42 mm lens covered)*
Using wide panel: 83 degrees up/down, 101 degrees left/right
(view angle of 8 mm lens covered)*
* When “FOUR THIRDS” applies as the ZOOM display
Dimensions Approx. 67 (W) x 108 (H) x 95 (D) mm
(excluding the projecting parts)
Mass Approx. 270 g (main unit)
Approx. 320 g (including batteries)
Operating temperature 0 to 40 °C
Operating humidity 10 to 80 % (no condensation)

燈光(閃燈)配件 || 燈光(閃燈)電池配件 || 反光板 || 燈泡

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