Compatibility of Pentax digital camera with Windows Vista

January, 2007

The following list is the compatibility of Pentax digital camera and Windows Vista.
Model that doesn't exist in the following list are being checked and the list will be updated.

It might possible that operation and phenomenon differ depend on the system environment and Pentax does not guarantee operation in all the environments.

O: 相容(Compatibleb)   Δ: 部分限制(See following notice)  x:不相容( Not compatible -: Being checking)

  Models Vista
Compact Digital Camera Optio T20 O
Optio E20 Δ *1
Optio A20 O
Optio W20 O
Optio M20 O
OptioS7 O
Optio E10 O
Optio T10 O
Optio A10 O
Optio W10 O
Optio M10 O
OptioS6 O
Optio 50L O
OptioWPi O
OptioS60 O
Optio 60 O
OptioSVi O
OptioS5z O
Optio S45 O
OptioS55 O
OptioWP O
Optio 50 O
OptioS5n O
Digital SLR Camera K10D Δ *2
K110D O
K100D O
*ist DL2 O
*ist DS2 O
*ist DL O
*ist DS O
*ist D O
Software for digital Camera PENTAX PHOTO Browser 3 -
PENTAX PHOTO Laboratory 3 -
ACDSee for PENTAX2.0 -


Δ*1: It will takes for a few minutes by the recognition as removable disk when PC is connected.
Δ*2: It will takes for a few minutes excluding USB 2.0 high-speed connection when recognizing it as a removable disk when PC is connected