Pioneer先鋒用I Pod 及 i-Phone傳輸線(CD-IU51V)(CD-IU51V)
Pioneer先鋒用I Pod 及 i-Phone傳輸線(CD-IU51V)


iPod®/iPhone® USB Interface Cable for CD Receivers with High Current USB Port (Audio)

Enjoy iPod® and iPhone® Direct Control
USB Connection for Audio Playback
Designed for Optimal USB Device Charging
Cable Measures 1' 8"

Use the CD-IU51 interface cable to plug an iPod® or iPhone® directly into the receiver's USB port, and gain full, direct, adapter-free control via the receiver interface. The direct digital connection assures you get the utmost sound quality from your recorded music.

The CD-IU51 enables audio playback only and is required for iPod® or iPhone® use with Pioneer CD receivers that feature a high current (1 amp) USB port. The CD-IU51 is backwards compatible with receivers that use the CD-IU50 cable.

iPhone 數位隨身聽

work with iPhone - iPhone 行動電話
透過 Pioneer主機, 能播放及控制 iPhone 行動電話上的音訊或影像格式.

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