SLH-C220是CANON設計給數位相機搭配使用的輕巧化閃光燈,是以CANON  220EX閃光燈為基礎的潛水用閃光燈。直接同步,擁有E-TTL自動閃光控制系統(E-TTL預閃測試,AF輔助光源)的插腳式閃光燈

The SLH-C220 is a small and lightweight underwater housing designed exclusively for the Canon SPEEDLITE 220EX Flash Unit. Operation is effortless. All you need do is press the shutter release. The housed flash does the rest. When dedicated to a compatible Sea & Sea housing for a Canon digital SLR camera, the flash automatically provides natural-looking balanced flash exposures. It delivers perfect illumination for macro imaging when used independently and is well-suited for wide angle when used in conjunction with a Sea & Sea slave strobe. This is a high-performance underwater lighting system even first-time shooters will master with ease.

[Main features of the Canon SPEEDLITE 220EX]

  • The compact model strobe supporting E-TTL automatic exposure control
  • Powered by 4 AA alkaline, Ni-Cd or lithium batteries
  • Incorporates a SE (Save Energy) function which automatically turns the power off after 90 seconds of non-use
* This function is operable only with Canon digital single lens reflex cameras
  1. Diffuser
  2. Fiber optic fiber cable connector
  3. Sync cord connector
  4. Power ON/OFF button
  5. SLH-C220 O-ring set [62112)
  6. SLH-C220 Housing [09101] To be released in March
  7. Sync cord/GN (6 pin) [18530] The sync cord compatible with the SLHC220 and Canon SPEEDLITE
  8. * It is necessary to process the housing side to support the 6-pin connector to connect with E-TTL supporting strobe to use it. (DX Canon single lens reflex series housings)
* Sync cord/N is not compatible for this purpose.

About E-TTL Automatic Light Control

E-TTL automatic flash exposure control was developed by Canon. Canon defines it as an evaluative pre-stored flash control system. When in E-TTL operation, flash exposure is measured and controlled by the camera in combination with CanonÕs AIM system. The E-TTL automatic light control system measures the light intensity from the pre-flash, ambient light level, including very bright areas in the image area, as well as subject position and reflectivity are all instantly analyzed. The system then calculates a correct flash exposure for a balanced, properly illuminated image.

*Due to the absorption of light underwater, the intensity of the pre-flash may be weaker than that of the main flash and may mislead the metering system. Errors in E-TTL function may occur. Adjustments in subject position, camera angle, and subject-to-flash distance will be necessary.
*5-pin sync cord N (17100) is not usable with the SLR-C220.

[Specifications of the SLH-C220]

  • Compatible strobe: Canon SPEEDLITE 220EX
  • Control: Power ON/OFF
  • Construction: Polycarbonate
  • Depth rating: 60m/200 feet
  • Dimensions: 115 x 150 x 103mm/4.6 x 6 x 4.1 inches (W x H x L) length (housing only)
  • Weight: 530g/18.6 ounces (+ 55g/1.9 ounces underwater)
  • Beam angle: 80°x 50°
  • Guide number: 20.5m/67 ft (land/full power)
  • Compatible sync cord: Sync cord/GN [18530]
  • Compatible sub strobe: YS-25 AUTO, YS-90 AUTO
  • Compatible housings: DX-300D
    * Strobe connector modification required :DX-1Ds, DX-10D, DX30/60
* Compatible housings are as of February 2004

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